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logo shoti 2   BRENDO LTD  was established in december 2015 and is principally engaged in manufacturing and selling walnuts in shell and walnuts kernels. BRENDO is a successor of local Bulgarian company with more than 8 years in business with walnuts. The headquarter is located in Yasenovets,6A "Mitko Palauzov" street, city of Razgrad.
   Once they arrive at our depot, all walnuts are sorted. We remove all black, broken, moldy, rotten and also those who would spoil our entire production and thus remain only white walnuts and those with thin shell. They are placed in bags of 20-25 kg and are ready for export.
   Our mission is to expand its activities throughout the world and thus become one of the best companies for exporting walnuts and walnuts kernels in Bulgaria.
The products we offer are quality and analyzed. We have different varieties of walnuts with different size- from 25 mm to 34 mm.

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logo shoti 2

mobile: +359 89 626 99 77

phone: +359 84 522 606


VAT: BG203777127

7250 Yasenovets, Razgrad, Bulgaria